Study & Research

The Jordan Hotel Association (JHA) undergoes and manages several studies and researches with the main aim of empowering hotels with the needed information, tools and benchmarking data to ready themselves to continue their route to continued success, towering customer service and culminating their efforts with excellence. In what follows are some examples of the studies and researches that JHA’s Research and Development department creates to help hotels use, utilize and benefit from the latest available tools and technologies, as well as accommodate the latest obstacles, to best assist the growth and development of the hotels sector in Jordan 

  • Employment and Career Development: The study examines the perceptions, attitudes and career preferences of the youth work force (between 18 to 26 years of age) as they gear up to enter the workforce of the hotel sector. On the other hand, it studies the level at which hotels take care and develop career paths of this youth workforce, as well as turnover per year. 
  • Customer segmentation: The study aims at segmenting the clients which reserve hotel rooms, their duration of stay, their nationality, the class they prefer, their age and gender, and do they rent as groups or as individuals. This helps hotels know which audiences to target and which they should better cater for. 
  • Hotel Trends Survey: This survey aims to underscores how hotels advance, accommodate and innovate their guest experience. It includes benchmarking of hotels based on their stars status, as well as a comparison on growth per hotel over the past 3 years.
  • Demystifying the Digital Marketplace: This study explores how the evolving digital marketplace presents new opportunities for consumer engagement and revenue growth. Learn more on the key takeaways to leverage an optimal distribution channel mix, encourage direct booking and prioritize legislative and policy actions.
  •  Independent Marketing Guide: This guide provides strategic perspective and new tools to help independent hotels improve their marketing.
  •  Intercultural Communication in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry: This research explores the relationship between cultural background and communication to increase understanding of intercultural workplaces in the hospitality and tourism industry.