Amerie Hotel Suites


Shmaisani , 182498 , Jordan

Shmaisani, P.O. Box 182498 | 1
Amman | Jordan
AmerieSuites is a trademark of Amerie Tourism Investments, Ltd., owned by Mr. Nasser Alasadi; one of the leading businessmen in Jordan with key investments in excess of 100 million JOD in various industry and service sectors. AmerieSuites is the first project in a chain of hotel suites that Amerie Tourism Investment, Ltd. intending to inaugurate in Amman, Dead-sea, and Aqaba. AmerieSuites is going to position itself as the leading most luxurious hotel suites in Jordan and in the region.
Resort facilities of Amerie Hotel Suites
Accommodation Capacity
Single Rooms: 0
Double Rooms: 0
Junior Suites: 6
Executive Suites: 12
Royal Suites: 4